Monthly Archives: June 2011



I am a programmer from Ukraine. My interests are:

  • low-level, system programming (x86, x86_64, ARM), C and assembly languages for aforementioned platforms;
  • OS theory, design and implementation (but I am not that hardware fan), distributed and managed operating systems;
  • operating systems: Unix of all kinds, especially Linux (now I’m getting familiar with its kernel), Inferno, Plan 9 from Bell Labs; QNX, L4; BeOS, KolibriOS; COSEC (which is written by me);
  • modern (and timeless) script and functional programming languages like Lisp/Scheme and Python (my plans are to get closer to Haskell and OCaml);
  • a bit of natural language processing and practical AI;
  • once upon a time I had some experience with C++ and OpenGL;
If it is not empty words for you, welcome to my blog.