Yet another Linux rant

Maybe, it’s a bit of trivial, but I want to express this again: technical savviness of linux user may be a reason why linux application are often so poor.

What do I mean by the allegation above? I have a Juniper VPN at work (yes, I know, proprietary sucks) and I happen to use 64-bit KUbuntu (*irony*: what a weird choice, huh?), which means that in order to install the vpn client I have to install 32-bit JRE and 32-bit Firefox. In my case, this is not a large trouble: I use Chrome and don’t use Java virtually, so the compromise is acceptable. If I was a Java developer, this would paralyze my workflow.

But why does anyone not care about this pitiful situation? Maybe, because linux users are savvy enough to install all that stuff and shut up (“it works for me”)?

Update: also my brain explodes every time I see this:


I can’t trust UNKNOWN publisher at all, but I must do this every day!


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